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Boy, I love search marketing events! They are great for learning and meeting new people from our industry, I’d attend each one of them if I could. When I attended SES London 2010 I left the event full of new ideas and eager to put in practise what I’ve heard from the speakers. Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to attend these events, they happen all the time and all over the world. Last big one was the Blue Glass LA, promoted by Blue Glass agency in Las Vegas, on the 19th and 20th of July. It had Vanessa Fox, Rand Fishkin and other famous professionals in the search industry as speakers. As I couldn’t make it, I’ve followed #blueglassla tweets. Here’s my selection of the best ones:

Marketers: Are you testing your email subject line? One person reported a 40% increase in reads by subject testing.

Even if you rank #1 people may still skip your result

How Not To Fail At Search from @vanessafox Re: Search — How are you solving people’s problems??

It’s all about the call for action. If you don’t know what you want users to do, how can you guide them to do it?

SEO’s not really just about search, but: Search-Rank-SERP display-Page Content-Conversion”@vanessafox

Search-based navigation means every single page is a home page. – @vanessafox

Great content + Great User Experience + Great SEO = success

Adam Audette: “for SEO to not fail, it cannot be stifled.” Make many mistakes & quickly for SEO to succeed.

Good SEO accepts risk and encourages failure

Adam Audette CEO, AudetteMedia: Great content doesn’t guarantee success. Success = great user experience plus SEO

SEO reality: @audette on the divide between long-term SEO and the short-term results clients expect.

Neil Patel: if your customer could be worth $100, spend $99 to get them. It’ll be worth it in the long run.

Don’t worry about every user… care about the targeted/qualified/engaged users.

Neil Patel: don’t just measure the final point of entry, but the first. People need time before they buy (and join/register).

“The purpose if starting a company is not to pay yourself, it’s to change the world”

Consumers’ expectations are changing. In fact, they want more out of brands. That is a good thing.

In 2009, 78% of Americans used social media to interact with brands.

If you love your customers, they will love you back and tell others.

What is virality really? Virality is taking one action and turning it into many.

@tonyadam says: use the Facebook share button instead of the Facebook Like button to create more engagement/conversations.

How to get people to share? Give them stuff they’d WANT to share

If you make it sharable…they will share it! Provide embeddable codes, share buttons, tweetmeme, digg etc.

Make content as shareable as possible to increase reach

Brent Csutoras: Going “viral” is getting attention from people who don’t typically care about your product

Micah Baldwin: “If you cannot be yourself in an organization, it’s not for you.”

Great Point. “Human nature has a tendency to admire complexity but reward simplicity.”

Rule #1 start your community with passion, rule #2 focus on simplicity rule #3 trust your users.

“If you find a way to give the user what they want, they will tell others.”

Start worrying about Adcenter (bing). Soon that will be the portal for advertising on both Yahoo and Bing.

“You can’t win a philosophical argument; you can win a mathematical argument.”

The search engines are listening to your customers. Are you?

Only 55% of search marketers coordinate or integrate offline channels with search marketing.

It’s important to understand what type of links you want to target and how to get them!

The key to dominating the web is links.

“If you buy links yourself, you’re not going to be able to afford Christmas gifts for your kids.”

“Buying links should be left to the guys that really know how to do it”.

Will this link increase my traffic and share my content with the correct audience?

Pages that get tweeted by legitimate Twitter users get indexed & ranked faster.

Rand & Dave both confirmed tweets/likes can help w/ short term ranking may not last w/out more links

Jessica Bowman: a good in-house SEO gets the reputation for sticking his/her nose in everybody’s biznaz.

SEO needs to be part of every team

Laura Lippay: give people actions not recommendations

SEO = 20% knowledge, 30% experience, 50% execution

Links and Live blog coverage:

About Dave Snyder’s link building techniques:

Links Matter: How to Measure and Attain Them

Twitter in algo? Go 2 Look at top tweets/page titles. See how pages are performing.

In-house SEO – stories from the trenches

Session: In-house SEO on @sejournal by @AlanBleiweiss

Get @lauralippay‘s In-House SEO slides

Matching your goals to the types of links you need –

Marketing Metrics for your Business | Search Engine Journal

Marketing Metrics for your Online Business with Neil Patel and Dave McClure

How to not FAIL at getting search traffic

Great summary of the talks at #blueglassla

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4 Essentials of Start-up Funding

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Building Communities That People Love – More on

Facebook monitoring

Community Building

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3 Twitter Tools to Benefit from

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