The Best #SESSF Tweets – Second Day

Following the best tweets from SES San Francisco today, I have the impression that yesterday the sessions were better. I can’t say much, as unfortunately I am not attending the event, but I found the First day #SESSF tweets more interesting. The highlights from today were about Mobile, Foursquare and PR for SEO. Here is my selection:

evertino The formula of success of Facebook is “put hot triggers in the path of motivated people”

beebow anchor text in emails – that’s a CALL TO ACTION

evertino Twitter is a platform to put hot triggers in the path of motivated people

beebow direct email marketing from big brands – this technology is not dead, but perhaps less engaging

MerryMorud there it is! People go to Facebook to be distracted. So they’re receptive to triggering.

SESConf make what you want people to do so easy people can’t move forward without doing it

SEOmom Plug for branding: Potential customers’w/high awareness of yr brand are 3-400% more likely to click on yr ad.

maryepeng the future of persuasion is mobile! Some food for thought for us internet marketers.

beebow from Day 1: Think Outside The Blog: Tasty Tips For Feed SEO w/

AlanBleiweiss CONFIRMED! 3% of yahoo paid ads and 30% of algo coming from bing. just spoke with yahoo tech

KeriMorgret Starting coverage of Crossing the Digital Divide: from search to display at

rishi3211us SEO is not about increasing ranking it is about increasing traffic

rustybrick Bringing SEO In-House: The Pros and Cons :

state_ofsearch The three most importance factors: Popularity, Authority, Relevance. Social media pushes the popularity. (the links to your site)

mduch % of original content = ranking factor for google news

emeyerson Display drives search. Display gives you reach and scale.

rishi3211us @bruceclay words in an image are now indexed by Google

aimclear RT @adcenter: Thinking about branching into Display? Target display ads can have a big impact much higher in the purchase funnel

rishi3211us @bruceclay video soundtracks are now indexed by Google – the technology is now with YouTube

beebow google is now focusing on “citations” – someone in the social web mentioning you, not necessarily a live link

rishi3211us Google Commerce Search = Speed + Experience+Relevancy+Google Platform

beebow as a publisher, you can reach your audience directly & be the media. but you still want to be found in media/blogs

beebow by syndicating your content, you get in front of Google. But bloggers are searching, hungry for your content, too.

sfsam22 Article mentioned by @SallyFalkow – Social networking sites: 10 mistakes organizations make

marnie25 Mobile search is local search with attention on immediacy and finding things.

AlanBleiweiss Mobile search is a true battle of the top.3 results

beebow Don’t get stuck on hooking the big influencer -sometimes it’s the little guy/gal blogger that can drive serious traffic

rishi3211us @lisabuyer recommends one press release every 30 days to stay in Google News

adCenter 23% of Twitter users follow businesses to find special deals, promos, sales or use it for product reviews and options – per comScore

YahooAdBuzz Krum:Mobile content not counted as duplicate

william_timoteo – Local search is different of organic search. You need to have a responsive posture. Social media isn’t everything.

kategamble Google Places now allow you to respond to positive and negative reviews, they even have guidelines:

beebow Is foursquare the “new PR darling” ?

beebow if you’re a company, list yourself on 4sq.

motokohunt Your website is where you convert. Make it a priority!: John Sherrod

beebow tip: add sharing tools in the news room

beebow cheap PRs – @sallyfalkow recommends “The Open Press” – $20 per PR – you will be in Google news, indexed in 10 minutes!

AlanBleiweiss Dotmobi is dead.

15_miles “The old world of PR is changing, and it’s not coming back” the new world means you have to publicize, optimize, socialize

Idealizer Very good presentation by Cindy Krum on #mobile search | forget .mobi Domains, they are dead.

stormseo Great headline – SEO is not a profession, it’s a lifestyle.

william_timoteo Don’t waste time guessing what works and what doesn’t work in the searches engines. MEASURE !!!

tedprodromou Claim your free local listings on Google Places, Bing and Yelp

sfsam22 RR: You can find speaker presentations from today here:

Idealizer Google: Nearly 50% of all Searches have a local intention. Especially in mobile searches

sznq Mobi sites are bad for SEO

rishi3211us @btabke thinks Foursquare is going to be bigger than Twitter in few years

AlanBleiweiss Don’t spend all your money on building killer mobile app. save enough for marketing it

ManualsOnline Yahoo’s Cushman: Mobile is a channel, not a strategy (via @YahooAdBuzz)

MikeSalzburg: Stat! More than HALF of all social network users are OVER 35. Says comscore.

webshare Both mobile and traditional URLs of same content will display in a Google search, suggesting it’s not seen as dupe content

emeyerson Video Lab Primer: “If your content sucks, even your friends won’t share it.”

renee_berry You can find speaker presentations from today here:

MilestoneMktg Foursquare the new PR treasure – claim your business, add tips, promote specials, reward mayors, and monitor conversations!

emeyerson Only 49% of social media marketing strategies include YouTube. Get on it, people!

beebow follow all your competitions followers. they will follow you

TheBuyerGroup Highest RT time is 2:15pm -3:30pm on Twitter

YahooAdBuzz @suzzicks Benefit of an app over a website on a mobile device is that an app can loop into the features of the phone — like shaking

AlanBleiweiss Create mobile specific xml feed. make your mobile site touch friendly

AlanBleiweiss Mobile bots crawl your site. mobile results are not the same as web search results

AlanBleiweiss Keep mobile site within your main site. not .mobi or 3rd party domain

socialspacing Excellent Info About Twitter and Pubcon (PDF)

Camruud Conversion Optimization Secrets – 21 Must Follow Tips – Great recap

BillFowle Will Facebook jump into ‘location wars?’ –

stevelatham Just uploaded my presentation on Attribution and ROI Measurement at

sznq SEO Value of Social Media – Online Marketing Summit

sznq The Future of Search

leeodden Get the lowdown on Content Marketing Optimization

garyreid Get the lowdown on Content Marketing Optimization

TravisNorman Content Is King, But Only When Optimized!

Live Blogging

rustybrick Live blogging Keynote with BJ Fogg by @KeriMorgret & me #sessf

Neef if u couldnt make it to #sessf, Search Engine Roundtable is doing live coverage right now: – pretty awesome

KeriMorgret Covering keynote live at

BruceClayInc SES Liveblog: Using Computers to Change What We Think and Do — SES Keynote by BJ Fogg

rustybrick News Search Optimization:

NiallKennedy The future of search

aaranged Covering Bringing SEO In-House: The Pros and Cons:

VirginiaNussey Using Computers to Change What We Think and Do —Keynote by

NiallKennedy SEO: Successful Information Architecture

simarp clicks and conversion are to be seen alongside exposure

utollwi RT @NiallKennedy Developing Great Content <

BrianGroth Bing is “not something to ignore anymore”

BruceClayInc SES Liveblog: SEO through Blogs and Feeds — SES San Francsico

dCenter We’re also blogging here and you can check out our event coverage throughout the show at

ElaineEllis My post on “Search, PR & the Social Butterfly” #SESSF

MikeSalzburg We’ve got you covered. Liveblogging from guest experts this week

JohnWEllis Attended a great session Tuesday “SEO Value of Social Media”. Here are my notes:

GarrettFrench Link Building Basics (Live Blogging)