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    The Best #SESSF Tweets – Third Day 

    Today was the SES San Francisco third and last day. I found very interesting the tweets about landing page optimisation on Tim Ash’s Keynote. There were also good stats on the PPC v SEO session.

    I’m kinda glad this conference has finished. Tomorrow I will be able to go for a beer or two without feeling guilty for missing the #SESSF tweets… I’m joking, I’m not that geek. Anyway, here’s my selection for today:

    dailySEOhint: Yahoo: “In 5 years the majority of search will be done on mobile devices.” Think about what that means for you.

    heidiocker: tip: be realistic, focus on 5 SEO initiatives that move the needle and are achievable AND measurable.

    dWirianto Great post on Mobile SEO http://tprk.us/aOoomO

    imeldak Online marketing has nothing to do with technology. The only thing that matters is how to adapt technology for us

    imeldak To build instant online trust, you have to do it instantly. It takes 1/20 of a second to make an impression

    beebow onto the 4 pillars of trust: # 1: appearance. very important. istand-in for “suitability.” good appearance enhances trust

    gprzyklenk Pillar 1: Appearance. We do judge a book by its cover, so it’s important to relay quality through appearance.

    beebow you can fix your page! Focus on: 1) professionalism of design. 2) Sparseness & neatness. 3) Organizational & clarity

    beebow “stop screaming at people and having things compete to get their attention once they get to your page” –

    beebow did you know – 70% of ppl abandon shopping carts online, mostly because of lack of trust

    ahatchjr: People read 400 – 500% slower than they interpret pretty pictures (logos, seals, etc)

    sallyfalkow Association with media brands as trust signals lifts conversion

    BruceClayInc SES Liveblog: SEO Lab by Search Engine Watch — SES San Francisco http://bit.ly/9aM04C

    beebow the sense of safety & trust HAS to precede the call-to-action / transactional part of the visit

    gprzyklenk Put your marquee clients on your landing pages as a trust symbol. Don’t hide them under the fold.

    rishi3211us Solutions:(3)Authority – borrow trust from better known brands – Reviews and awards, Marquee clients, Media Mentions

    kpoljak 4 Pillars to earn trust online: appearance, transactional assurance, authority, consensus of peers

    beebow you can’t care what EVERYONE thinks, but you care what your PEERS think. Your customers. your contemporaries.

    gprzyklenk Aggregate statistics are very powerful, but so are visualizations. Use it to build consensus.

    digitalv Four pillars of building online trust – 4. Consensus of Peers @Tim_Ash keynote

    beebow consider having the testimonials as a back up on another pg, AFTER you show off the # of how many happy customers you have.

    gprzyklenk Testimonials are good, but subdued on separate pages for “methodical” personalities. Have a link available.

    theVMT The idea @randfish gave for letting users share content easily – check out this WP plugin from http://bit.ly/9vqD0w

    jendiatalevi 4 pillars: appearance, trust, authority, peer consensus = perfect website

    merrybubbles: Firefox has a ticker (small) on its homepage that says how many times its been downloaded (543 mi…. in 2 mo.)

    maileohye #GoogleTV Convert TV viewers into website visitors: http://maileohye.com/files/tv-optimization-for-video-sites.pdf

    15_miles Does page load time matter – 0.4 seconds of additional load time will result in LOSS of 10% of conversion @

    gprzyklenk Making better landing pages is one thing, but make sure you don’t turn leads into amish furniture. http://bit.ly/dgfqXO

    15_miles Why is flash not good? It doesn’t enhance conversion, it’s a distraction, it adds expense & decreases load time

    spurinteractive Just uploaded my presentation on Attribution and ROI Measurement at http://ow.ly/2r8u9

    MilestoneMktg “Meaningful SEO Metrics: Going beyond the Numbers” http://bit.ly/dAOGfs

    beebow WHY she likes SEO – you cannot build a strong house w/o a strong foundation. House falls down w/o strong SEO foundation.

    beebow universal search rocks, too – you can saturate Google for your brand name if you optimize for video, image, maps,

    gprzyklenk The larger your site is, the more important your internal link structures. (via @seocatfish)

    beebow benefits of paid search: leading conversation w/ customers. jump in front of ppl’s eyes AS they’re searching

    beebow wow- Delta’s paid search revenue is 60x greater than the cost

    beebow paid search has a POSITIVE impact on natural search

    beebow don’t fight (don’t choose btwn SEO & PPC) – compliment campaigns.

    state_ofsearch Use keyword focused internal links to at minimum a) describe pages to Google b) vote for your nested pages.

    state_ofsearch Use keyword focused internal links to at minimum a) describe pages to Google b) vote for your nested pages.

    beebow 1) PPC converts HIGHER. PPC has 1.2x SEO’s conversion rate.

    beebow but – who gets more traffic? SEO gets 7.3x more traffic than PPC does

    rishi3211us says paid search ads get more conversion than seo for same keyword and ranking

    beebow PPC is faster, but then there’s real-time results in search….

    beebow truth: PPC is easier. it’s harder to do SEO. but that’s why PPC is not a competitive advantage. SEO is 😉

    beebow truth: PPC is great for testing. Here, rand agrees.

    beebow PPC is good because you can make adjustments with short notice

    beebow PPC is good because results are quicker to achieve

    beebow PPC is good because various targeting options ensure happy visitors (customized landing pages)

    SEOmom Value of SEO vs PPC is like Spain Soccer Team vs N. Korea No contest!

    ecceterramnz From the SEO vs PPC Panel – PPC bring 20% better Conversation Rate than SEO, but SEO give 15 times more Traffic than PPC.

    beebow you can remove space for bad reputation by saturating both organic & PPC spots on the SERPs

    rishi3211us SEO and PPC data should be shared for better results and informed decision making

    beebow Big PPC spend helps getting answers from Google (on SEO)

    benpfeiffer Google case study revealed if you only do organic SEO = 20 clicks, only do PPC = 20 clicks. Do both = 60 clicks.

    benpfeiffer Paid search ads do not create links, but it creates an opportunity for a link. PPC helping SEO.

    SEOmom Easy-to-do does not = competitive advantage. SEO is hard; get it right & bury your competition

    merrybubbles: Our PR people are now the best SEO converts we have in the company. http://myloc.me/aNDoJ

    adCenter Measure quality of conversion not quantity. Can you measure how you are acquiring your best customers?

    state_ofsearch Tip: Don’t put text on an image – people automatically perceive them as ads and ignore them #eyetracking

    gprzyklenk Adwords Opportunity Center includes “Analyze Competition” report, which is like a sexy impression share report.

    Digitas: “PPC vs. SEO? It’s both. The two should compliment rather than compete against each other.”

    Live Blogging

    state_ofsearch How to Become a Link Magnet – State of Search http://bit.ly/dmBpiq

    imeldak Live Blog Post: PPC or SEO? The Ultimate Search Marketing Battle http://bit.ly/adXXN5

    SusanEsparza Liveblog: The Four Pillars of Trust Online – Keynote http://bit.ly/aK9sII

    ecmechanics SES Liveblog: SEO Lab by Search Engine Watch — SES San Francisco http://bit.ly/9aM04C

    adCenter Our team’s been blogging from SES SanFran http://adnews.ms/bSq5Vr

    basvandenbeld Find all updated information about SES San Francisco 2010: videos, posts, images and more on State of Search http://bit.ly/d9lpyY

    imeldak Live Blog Post: Beyond the Click: What Shoppers Need Now http://bit.ly/cKd2qm

    basvandenbeld What should you be doing to stop the Search Marketing Conmen ruining your reputation – State of Search http://bit.ly/dCnzvb

    magnusearch Notes from Day 2 of http://goo.gl/fb/aWYBw #internet

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    The Best #SESSF Tweets – Second Day 

    Following the best tweets from SES San Francisco today, I have the impression that yesterday the sessions were better. I can’t say much, as unfortunately I am not attending the event, but I found the First day #SESSF tweets more interesting. The highlights from today were about Mobile, Foursquare and PR for SEO. Here is my selection:

    evertino The formula of success of Facebook is “put hot triggers in the path of motivated people”

    beebow anchor text in emails – that’s a CALL TO ACTION

    evertino Twitter is a platform to put hot triggers in the path of motivated people

    beebow direct email marketing from big brands – this technology is not dead, but perhaps less engaging

    MerryMorud there it is! People go to Facebook to be distracted. So they’re receptive to triggering.

    SESConf make what you want people to do so easy people can’t move forward without doing it

    SEOmom Plug for branding: Potential customers’w/high awareness of yr brand are 3-400% more likely to click on yr ad.

    maryepeng the future of persuasion is mobile! Some food for thought for us internet marketers.

    beebow from Day 1: Think Outside The Blog: Tasty Tips For Feed SEO w/ http://bit.ly/bpyesH

    AlanBleiweiss CONFIRMED! 3% of yahoo paid ads and 30% of algo coming from bing. just spoke with yahoo tech

    KeriMorgret Starting coverage of Crossing the Digital Divide: from search to display at http://www.seroundtable.com/archives

    rishi3211us SEO is not about increasing ranking it is about increasing traffic

    rustybrick Bringing SEO In-House: The Pros and Cons : http://bit.ly/bpLNO3

    state_ofsearch The three most importance factors: Popularity, Authority, Relevance. Social media pushes the popularity. (the links to your site)

    mduch % of original content = ranking factor for google news

    emeyerson Display drives search. Display gives you reach and scale.

    rishi3211us @bruceclay words in an image are now indexed by Google

    aimclear RT @adcenter: Thinking about branching into Display? Target display ads can have a big impact much higher in the purchase funnel

    rishi3211us @bruceclay video soundtracks are now indexed by Google – the technology is now with YouTube

    beebow google is now focusing on “citations” – someone in the social web mentioning you, not necessarily a live link

    rishi3211us Google Commerce Search = Speed + Experience+Relevancy+Google Platform

    beebow as a publisher, you can reach your audience directly & be the media. but you still want to be found in media/blogs

    beebow by syndicating your content, you get in front of Google. But bloggers are searching, hungry for your content, too.

    sfsam22 Article mentioned by @SallyFalkow – Social networking sites: 10 mistakes organizations make http://bit.ly/d2kjP8

    marnie25 Mobile search is local search with attention on immediacy and finding things.

    AlanBleiweiss Mobile search is a true battle of the top.3 results

    beebow Don’t get stuck on hooking the big influencer -sometimes it’s the little guy/gal blogger that can drive serious traffic

    rishi3211us @lisabuyer recommends one press release every 30 days to stay in Google News

    adCenter 23% of Twitter users follow businesses to find special deals, promos, sales or use it for product reviews and options – per comScore

    YahooAdBuzz Krum:Mobile content not counted as duplicate

    william_timoteo – Local search is different of organic search. You need to have a responsive posture. Social media isn’t everything.

    kategamble Google Places now allow you to respond to positive and negative reviews, they even have guidelines: http://bit.ly/aANQFH

    beebow Is foursquare the “new PR darling” ?

    beebow if you’re a company, list yourself on 4sq.

    motokohunt Your website is where you convert. Make it a priority!: John Sherrod

    beebow tip: add sharing tools in the news room

    beebow cheap PRs – @sallyfalkow recommends “The Open Press” – $20 per PR – you will be in Google news, indexed in 10 minutes!

    AlanBleiweiss Dotmobi is dead.

    15_miles “The old world of PR is changing, and it’s not coming back” the new world means you have to publicize, optimize, socialize

    Idealizer Very good presentation by Cindy Krum on #mobile search | forget .mobi Domains, they are dead.

    stormseo Great headline – SEO is not a profession, it’s a lifestyle.

    william_timoteo Don’t waste time guessing what works and what doesn’t work in the searches engines. MEASURE !!!

    tedprodromou Claim your free local listings on Google Places, Bing and Yelp

    sfsam22 RR: You can find speaker presentations from today here: http://bit.ly/9i5ygR

    Idealizer Google: Nearly 50% of all Searches have a local intention. Especially in mobile searches

    sznq Mobi sites are bad for SEO

    rishi3211us @btabke thinks Foursquare is going to be bigger than Twitter in few years

    AlanBleiweiss Don’t spend all your money on building killer mobile app. save enough for marketing it

    ManualsOnline Yahoo’s Cushman: Mobile is a channel, not a strategy (via @YahooAdBuzz)

    MikeSalzburg: Stat! More than HALF of all social network users are OVER 35. Says comscore.

    webshare Both mobile and traditional URLs of same content will display in a Google search, suggesting it’s not seen as dupe content

    emeyerson Video Lab Primer: “If your content sucks, even your friends won’t share it.”

    renee_berry You can find speaker presentations from today here: http://bit.ly/9i5ygR

    MilestoneMktg Foursquare the new PR treasure – claim your business, add tips, promote specials, reward mayors, and monitor conversations!

    emeyerson Only 49% of social media marketing strategies include YouTube. Get on it, people!

    beebow follow all your competitions followers. they will follow you

    TheBuyerGroup Highest RT time is 2:15pm -3:30pm on Twitter

    YahooAdBuzz @suzzicks Benefit of an app over a website on a mobile device is that an app can loop into the features of the phone — like shaking

    AlanBleiweiss Create mobile specific xml feed. make your mobile site touch friendly

    AlanBleiweiss Mobile bots crawl your site. mobile results are not the same as web search results

    AlanBleiweiss Keep mobile site within your main site. not .mobi or 3rd party domain

    socialspacing Excellent Info About Twitter and Pubcon http://bit.ly/96DTix (PDF)

    Camruud Conversion Optimization Secrets – 21 Must Follow Tips – Great recap http://bit.ly/9FDoNp

    BillFowle Will Facebook jump into ‘location wars?’ – http://bit.ly/b77wSk

    stevelatham Just uploaded my presentation on Attribution and ROI Measurement at http://ow.ly/2r8u9

    sznq SEO Value of Social Media – Online Marketing Summit http://bit.ly/boKuO3

    sznq The Future of Search http://bit.ly/aKdBHc

    leeodden Get the lowdown on Content Marketing Optimization http://tprk.us/bx4VCu

    garyreid Get the lowdown on Content Marketing Optimization http://tprk.us/bx4VCu

    TravisNorman Content Is King, But Only When Optimized! http://is.gd/ennut

    Live Blogging

    rustybrick Live blogging Keynote with BJ Fogg http://bit.ly/dzqFAQ by @KeriMorgret & me #sessf

    Neef if u couldnt make it to #sessf, Search Engine Roundtable is doing live coverage right now: http://www.seroundtable.com/ – pretty awesome

    KeriMorgret Covering keynote live at http://bit.ly/dzqFAQ

    BruceClayInc SES Liveblog: Using Computers to Change What We Think and Do — SES Keynote by BJ Fogg http://bit.ly/9bAUAN

    rustybrick News Search Optimization: http://bit.ly/a869MV

    NiallKennedy The future of search http://pra.la/01sC

    aaranged Covering Bringing SEO In-House: The Pros and Cons: http://bit.ly/bpLNO3#sessf

    VirginiaNussey Using Computers to Change What We Think and Do —Keynote by http://bit.ly/cgMsPi

    NiallKennedy SEO: Successful Information Architecture http://bit.ly/bO0IAS

    simarp http://twitsnaps.com/1030327 clicks and conversion are to be seen alongside exposure

    utollwi RT @NiallKennedy Developing Great Content http://bit.ly/ci4jF4 <

    BrianGroth Bing is “not something to ignore anymore” http://bit.ly/aY6kfM

    BruceClayInc SES Liveblog: SEO through Blogs and Feeds — SES San Francsico http://bit.ly/92Qw11

    dCenter We’re also blogging here and you can check out our event coverage throughout the show at http://adnews.ms/bSq5Vr

    ElaineEllis My post on “Search, PR & the Social Butterfly” http://bit.ly/dag1Oe #SESSF

    MikeSalzburg We’ve got you covered. Liveblogging from guest experts this week http://bit.ly/sessf10

    JohnWEllis Attended a great session Tuesday “SEO Value of Social Media”. Here are my notes: http://bit.ly/a22ooY

    GarrettFrench Link Building Basics (Live Blogging) http://lnkn.it/9UpWJv

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    The best #SESSF tweets – First day 

    There are great tweets being generated on SES San Francisco – the search marketing event that has started today and finishes on Friday. Following the #SESSF tweets, I could figure out that the CEO of Kodak Jeffrey W. Hayzlett showed the funny video Winds of Change on his opening keynote. Till now they have had sessions on link building, social media, site architecture and PPC.

    I would love to continue following the tweets, but while it’s 4pm in San Francisco and they are tweeting with the hash tag every second, in London it is already 12 am. I will continue tomorrow, but for now here are my favourite #SESSF tweets:

    About Kodak’s Keynote:

    AlanBleiweiss Adapt or Die – For the CEO of Kodak, that’s a great topic
    beebow wow. feisty “Winds of Change” video about Kodak thrusting itself into social media rather than ignoring it

    Pixum_CEO You should immediately hire a CLO a Chief Listening Officer… Listen to your customer is the most important

    beebow Kodak hired a CLO – Chief Listening Officer 😉

    beebow CLO acts like an air traffic controller – routes brand-mention tweets to different departments within Kodak

    lisabuyer Turnaround story: Kodak goes social, 117 million people a day go to Kodak website, 1000 words blog helps

    waworld Listen to your consumers and give them what they want (via Kodak)

    basvandenbeld Be sure to listen to an interview with keynote speaker Jeffrey Hayzlett when he’s done: http://bit.ly/dr2yG7

    RonShepherd Kodak let users decide name of K playsport through a twitter contest, got 28k responses in 4 days.

    beebow Kodak held a contest for naming a new product – 28,000 suggestions in a day

    beebow people are tired of dialing 800 numbers for customer service. ppl want to be heard, they want to participate

    imeldak Engagement is the new ROI. What is your return on ignoring?

    lisabuyer old ROI = return on investment. new ROI = return on ignoring.
    OMConnect Facebook has 450 million users, 70% outside the US. Twitter skyrocketing to 40+ million. That’s 2,564% growth.


    beebow “passion is not a substitute for planning”

    aspeyer77 don’t be afraid to make mistakes in #marketing we all do ’em let’s learn from ’em
    state_ofsearch Leadership: Set clear COS (conditions of satisfaction), cause tension, be who you are, no one is going to die

    SEOAware We can only move as fast as our slowest common denominator. I will find you and ask you to leave the company.

    gprzyklenk Causing tension is a good thing, disrupt traditional thinking, get debates going.

    paige_oneill Marketers job is to cause tension in the org. Move group to edge.

    state_ofsearch The new elevator pitch: your 118! (8 seconds to hook the customer, 110 seconds to sell it)

    Paid Search

    state_ofsearch Big mistake: one campaign for search and content network. You should split your campaigns

    rishi3211us create ad group by most likely replacement or alternative search query

    rishi3211us proper keywords and adgrouping can help increase quality score, lower cpc, increase roi

    jendiatalevi find intent by segmenting KW into buckets. have diff conversion goals for each segment.

    rishi3211us recommends using negative placements for placement targeted campaigns

    simarp http://twitsnaps.com/1030107 real time bidding for display would be next big thing

    SEO and Social Media

    Matt_Peterson Compare Intent: ex. site’s plural term ranked #3, singular term ranked #34, singular had more visitors & conv.

    jendiatalevi Plural KW signify shopping intent. Singular, buying intent
    Pixum_CEO Search term singulars vs. plurals: plural searches look for options and will not convert as good.

    beebow 1) setting goals, KPIs, revenue expectations. 2) buyer personas- get demographic info from social sites & research

    beebow 3) traditional keyword research. also consider social KW research. anticipate what people buzz about –

    beebow 4) content & assets. know your customers, know what they need/want. social interaction creates KW-rich content

    beebow 5) editorial plan. who are your customers? what do they want? what kind of content are you going to author for them?

    beebow also, understand where ppl are in the buying cycle and tailor content appropriately.

    beebow 6) operationalize your SEO. give KW lists to the social media team so they tweet/update FB/blog w/ in-demand KWs –

    beebow 7) develop off-site content=crucial! repurposing content–> youtube video embedded on website, screwwnshots on Flickr, etc –

    beebow 8) SOCIALIZE. repurposing content on social sites? SILLY of you to not PARTICIPATE on those sites. create connections!

    beebow 9) continued… when you publish something great, you HAVE to go out & promote it in a way that creates value

    beebow 10) measure. use social media monitoring tools. great for research, great for seeing effect or promotional efforts

    beebow Use postrank.com to see where your competitors have a loyal community – try to tap into it yourself 😉

    thenetimpact When choosing keywords select a niche- not as expensive, not as hard to optimize

    thewebandprint don’t compete for very popular keywords – (in our industry – printing, BC printing, target a niche and dominate it

    state_ofsearch Our users changed so much in the last decade. They have other needs and expectations (& less time)

    renee_berry Intro to SEM Tips: Your webpage title is your search engine identity. Your title is key

    beebow optimized content strategy – start with goals. what are your KPIs? –

    MoniquePeltz Content Marketing: If it can be searched it can be optimized for better marketing performance.

    CourtneyRamirez Content marketing tip: Make stuff that is useful to customers (Mint’s tools) and not just for own purpose. http://bit.ly/cBg6NQ

    gprzyklenk Don’t suck at Social, use social media 4 E’s: engage, educate, excite, evangelize.

    Conversion and Information Architecture

    jendiatalevi A good analyst is defined by how many times they ask “why”

    heather_mckenna “Build your site in HTML 5 and you will get countless benefits” via Seth of Yahoo

    beebow 1 of the most effective tactics for increasing conversions = SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION!

    state_ofsearch Why should we care about Information Architecture (IA)? 1. Lost customers when they don’t find the content

    state_ofsearch IA affects crawlability. indexation, but also how your site appears in search results (eg bread crumbs)

    evertino Shari recommends to read the IA book of Peter Morville

    evertino visit the website of the National Cancer Institute to see good IA

    IETraining seo’s should care more about information architecture

    Real Time and Yahoo

    Idealizer Yahoo expects mobile searches to overtake regular web searches in the next 5 years.

    dougplatts Yahoo to release a mobile app that doesn’t take search queries. It’s all about interactive maps apparently

    waworld Yahoo is planning to make search so personalized that it will even give you results based on your social network members opinions

    markbietz Web of things has resurfaced in the future of search from Yahoo http://ow.ly/1qNM7y
    YahooAdBuzz Seth: Personalization — when we start pushing contextual, relevant info to users, engagement rises

    6DegreesContent Future campaigns will be used to drive users to search, ie Search will be at center of marketing agenda

    YahooAdBuzz Seth: The world is getting real time and we had better catch up

    evertino Seth shows some new innovations that basically try to get deeper information to satisfy the users needs in a better way.

    simarp http://twitsnaps.com/1030107 results would not be 100 % of bing

    YahooAdBuzz iProspect’s Brian Kaminski: “In 5 years we will not use search engines”

    YahooAdBuzz Kaminski: 2) Search results will be real-time and connected

    state_ofsearch Mobile searches will outspace PC, Local based targetting, special local deals

    state_ofsearch Real Time & Connected. Twitter and blogging into results, Results are going to be influenced by those in your social network

    matt_mcgowan Yahoo! and Microsoft Search Alliance News: Organic Search Transition Begins Today http://adnews.ms/9CwVHU

    Live Blogging

    KeriMorgret Liveblogging at http://www.seroundtable.com/archives/022690.html

    ElaineEllis I am liveblogging “Search: Where to Next” are @grahammudd, @marcpoirer and @shashiseth http://trada.com/blog

    BruceClayInc SES Liveblog: Search and Branding — SES San Francisco Opening Keynote with Jeffrey Hayzlett http://bit.ly/c83TzV

    shashiseth Check out Search Engine Roundtable’s coverage from the Search: Where to Next? panel via http://bit.ly/cPO1Mp

    6DegreesContent Following the live blog on search and social media http://bit.ly/cBg6NQ

    ElaineEllis Just finished blogging “Search: Where to Next?” http://bit.ly/9kKjrD

    BruceClayInc SES Liveblog: SEO – Successful Information Architecture – SES San Francisco http://bit.ly/8X6tXe

    benwills Link Building Basics Live Blogging from #SESSF! http://lnkn.it/9UpWJv

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    Best Tweets #blueglassla 

    Boy, I love search marketing events! They are great for learning and meeting new people from our industry, I’d attend each one of them if I could. When I attended SES London 2010 I left the event full of new ideas and eager to put in practise what I’ve heard from the speakers. Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to attend these events, they happen all the time and all over the world. Last big one was the Blue Glass LA, promoted by Blue Glass agency in Las Vegas, on the 19th and 20th of July. It had Vanessa Fox, Rand Fishkin and other famous professionals in the search industry as speakers. As I couldn’t make it, I’ve followed #blueglassla tweets. Here’s my selection of the best ones:

    Marketers: Are you testing your email subject line? One person reported a 40% increase in reads by subject testing.

    Even if you rank #1 people may still skip your result

    How Not To Fail At Search from @vanessafox Re: Search — How are you solving people’s problems??

    It’s all about the call for action. If you don’t know what you want users to do, how can you guide them to do it?

    SEO’s not really just about search, but: Search-Rank-SERP display-Page Content-Conversion”@vanessafox

    Search-based navigation means every single page is a home page. – @vanessafox

    Great content + Great User Experience + Great SEO = success

    Adam Audette: “for SEO to not fail, it cannot be stifled.” Make many mistakes & quickly for SEO to succeed.

    Good SEO accepts risk and encourages failure

    Adam Audette CEO, AudetteMedia: Great content doesn’t guarantee success. Success = great user experience plus SEO

    SEO reality: @audette on the divide between long-term SEO and the short-term results clients expect.

    Neil Patel: if your customer could be worth $100, spend $99 to get them. It’ll be worth it in the long run.

    Don’t worry about every user… care about the targeted/qualified/engaged users.

    Neil Patel: don’t just measure the final point of entry, but the first. People need time before they buy (and join/register).

    “The purpose if starting a company is not to pay yourself, it’s to change the world”

    Consumers’ expectations are changing. In fact, they want more out of brands. That is a good thing.

    In 2009, 78% of Americans used social media to interact with brands.

    If you love your customers, they will love you back and tell others.

    What is virality really? Virality is taking one action and turning it into many.

    @tonyadam says: use the Facebook share button instead of the Facebook Like button to create more engagement/conversations.

    How to get people to share? Give them stuff they’d WANT to share

    If you make it sharable…they will share it! Provide embeddable codes, share buttons, tweetmeme, digg etc.

    Make content as shareable as possible to increase reach

    Brent Csutoras: Going “viral” is getting attention from people who don’t typically care about your product

    Micah Baldwin: “If you cannot be yourself in an organization, it’s not for you.”

    Great Point. “Human nature has a tendency to admire complexity but reward simplicity.”

    Rule #1 start your community with passion, rule #2 focus on simplicity rule #3 trust your users.

    “If you find a way to give the user what they want, they will tell others.”

    Start worrying about Adcenter (bing). Soon that will be the portal for advertising on both Yahoo and Bing.

    “You can’t win a philosophical argument; you can win a mathematical argument.”

    The search engines are listening to your customers. Are you?

    Only 55% of search marketers coordinate or integrate offline channels with search marketing.

    It’s important to understand what type of links you want to target and how to get them!

    The key to dominating the web is links.

    “If you buy links yourself, you’re not going to be able to afford Christmas gifts for your kids.”

    “Buying links should be left to the guys that really know how to do it”.

    Will this link increase my traffic and share my content with the correct audience?

    Pages that get tweeted by legitimate Twitter users get indexed & ranked faster.

    Rand & Dave both confirmed tweets/likes can help w/ short term ranking may not last w/out more links

    Jessica Bowman: a good in-house SEO gets the reputation for sticking his/her nose in everybody’s biznaz.

    SEO needs to be part of every team

    Laura Lippay: give people actions not recommendations

    SEO = 20% knowledge, 30% experience, 50% execution

    Links and Live blog coverage:

    About Dave Snyder’s link building techniques: http://bit.ly/cjJvmI

    Links Matter: How to Measure and Attain Them http://bit.ly/cKHPmu

    Twitter in algo? Go 2 http://twittersphere.com Look at top tweets/page titles. See how pages are performing.

    In-house SEO – stories from the trenches http://bit.ly/an3XFK

    Session: In-house SEO on @sejournal http://bit.ly/9J80lC by @AlanBleiweiss

    Get @lauralippay‘s In-House SEO slides http://bit.ly/deF0NT

    Matching your goals to the types of links you need – http://seomz.me/bC0GDr

    Marketing Metrics for your Business | Search Engine Journal http://bit.ly/9yPEbt

    Marketing Metrics for your Online Business with Neil Patel and Dave McClure http://bit.ly/cdQaiE

    How to not FAIL at getting search traffic http://bit.ly/cXmTP5

    Great summary of the talks at #blueglassla http://blaz.it/9p

    New blog post: @Zemanta Presenting at The #BlueGlassla Conference on Search & Social http://bit.ly/cYaTl2

    DocStoc Business Builder package: http://www.docstoc.com/businessbuilder/

    4 Essentials of Start-up Funding http://bit.ly/9O7STQ

    Liveblog Social Media Marketing http://bit.ly/dtv5ly

    Last session of the day at http://bit.ly/blueglassla

    New blog post: When to raise money and when to bootstrap http://bit.ly/cDU1aO

    Landing Killer Deals: http://bit.ly/cDpp1G

    Building Communities That People Love – More on http://bit.ly/9f9Jmh

    Facebook monitoring http://bit.ly/cp2Hmq

    Community Building http://bit.ly/am2imf

    Liveblog coverage of #BlueGlassLA continues on day 2! Rolling in all day long: http://bit.ly/blueglasslive

    Links As A Larger Online Mktg Strategy http://ow.ly/2dUHL

    3 Twitter Tools to Benefit from http://bit.ly/dgh3xw

    Marketing Strategy: liveblogging coverage by @BruceClayInc: http://bit.ly/aO7U8J

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